Wandering Wings

The wings without boundary (Photo Story)

When we mention birds, the first thing coming to our mind is that they have wings, which are covered with feathers and they can fly anywhere without any restrictions. Birds are the only creatures in this world, which have no boundaries. Without any doubt, they can go anywhere in this world with their feathered wings. Birds have the ability of adapting the environment wherever they are going. Birds have been living in this world for so many centuries.

Birds are of different sizes and colours, from the smallest of two inches to the tallest of more than 6 feet. Each and every bird is unique in different ways. Some birds can fly very high, some birds can fly fast, some birds can run fast, some birds can swim well, some birds can sing with lovely voice, some birds can dance well, and so on. Some birds stay in a place for their whole life and others migrate from a continent to another. Here are some pictures of different type of birds .