1) The picture you are uploading should be related to the theme.

2) The picture should be RAW.
    (without any editing, colour correction or manipulation)

3) Only one picture allowed per student.

4) Photos can be taken with any digital photo capturing devices.
    (Mobile, DSLR, Mirrorless, Point & Shoot, etc.,)

5) Photo Format can be anything listed here.
    ( .jpeg / .jpg / .heif / .cr2 / .cr3 / .nef / .arw / .dng / .tiff )

6) The picture can be either in Black & White or Color.
7) Photo should be taken by the student.
Results will be announced on 22nd August 2020.
Click the below button to submit your photo.
(Below photos are nothing but for reference, there is no compulsion to capture same like pictures)

Street / Lifestyle


Landscape / Nature


Flowers / Plants



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